Lidia Friedman

About the Artist

Lidia Friedman earned her PhD in molecular biology and worked as a researcher at Harvard before moving to Vienna from the States in 1999. Her interests then shifted to more artistic endeavours, learning the arts of ceramics and fine leather-work in Vienna as well as bead-looming techniques in Japan. In 2011 she opened her chic gallery at Schulerstraße 22 in the heart of Vienna.

Her unique style combines the use of handmade as well as antique purse frames from various parts of the world with bead-loomed fabrics and leather to design one-of-a-kind purses of exceptional elegance. Her work includes decorative objects of fine porcelain as well as bead and metal-clay jewelry.

Her gallery is also an important center for temporary exhibitions displaying the work of other applied artists in Vienna.

current exhibitions at the gallery
work of Lidia Friedman